Condolence & Memory Journal

Ed and I hung out together ,coached our boys at baseball ,partied and loved Robin Trower " Bridge of Sighs" which we tried to emulated never successfully.Helped on a small part of the house he built ,mostly by himself in Watson,La. Missed him after he joined the Navy

Posted by Cooper Watson - Denham Springs, LA - Friend   September 04, 2020

Dear Ed,
I can't remember when we first met, but I do remember I knew you were the perfect husband for Maureen. Your warmth and friendly demeanor mirrored her warmth and love - you were two peas in a pod. I always enjoyed getting together with you and Maureen: eating out, church, etc., but especially going to Comic Cons locally and in San Diego. But, I feel I really had the opportunity to know you best when you and Alfred would spend hours talking about comics and movies made from the comics (and it provided a reprieve for Maureen and I). My heart sank when I first heard you were battling cancer but now my heart is broken God called you home. I know you are no longer suffering, you're enjoying the Presence of our Savior, healthy and whole. I look forward to the time when I will see you again, Ed. Until then....

Posted by Becky Mendoza - Norwalk, CA - Family Friend   August 27, 2020


I know you are in Heaven rejoicing with all our family. I love you and will see your smirky smile one day. Love and will miss you til I see you again.

Posted by Gwen Fussell - Watson, LA - Family   August 22, 2020


In honor of the best father a girl could ever ask for. Until we meet again, I love you, Dad.

By Kristin Nicole Coxe

As I gaze at his chair
It seems so unfair
That life must go on without him.
His laughter so dear
Is no longer here
But all of my dreams are about him.

When I go to bed
He is no longer dead.
His feet dance through the night.
His spirit moves through me
As he whispers to me
Please hug Maureen for me tonight.

And tell her I love her.
I am just above her,
I hear her when she is weeping.
Tell her not to cry,
Our love did not die.
I hold her as she is sleeping.

I live through our pictures
And our favorite scriptures.
Our love keeps me alive.
And for her I will wait
And hold Heaven's gate
The day that she arrives.

Oh Daddy, I hear you.
My heart does not fear you.
I only hope that you know
How much I adore you
And place none before you.
I will never let you go.

Posted by Kristin Coxe - Deltona, FL - Daughter   August 21, 2020

I'm so so sorry Maureen. I am glad you had so much quality time and know you have a strong faith.

Posted by Eileen Kennedy - Monrovia, CA - Coworker   August 21, 2020

When my mom and Ed told me that they were getting married I was 10 years old. I immediately told him that he was not my dad. I was little and sad that my parents were not together. So I let him know where he stood.

The funny thing is, he understood. He loved me like I was his own daughter... like I was his flesh and blood. But it was ok with him that he wasn't my dad. That is EXACTLY what 10 year old Andrea needed.

And as the years went on, we joked about how he "was not my dad" (if you know him, I am sure you can picture him saying that). We laughed, but we had an unspoken understanding. He knew he wasn't, and I knew he was ok with that. He loved me. I loved him. That is all that mattered.

By the time I got married, I knew that I had to honor Ed in some way, so I told him that I wanted to have a first dance with him, too. After I danced with my dad, then it was our turn. It meant a lot to him and he took it very seriously. His first job was to pick the song. Again, if you know him, I am sure that you know how seriously he took THAT job. The song was perfect, every word was perfect, the music was perfect. But it was a waltz. So then we learned to waltz together. And it was perfect. I am sharing the song here, because it is our special song.

If you listen to the song, there is a break at the end and it sounds like the song is over. Don't turn it off. There is more. In fact, we practiced that particular part the most. It was when he twirled and dipped me at the end. However, we failed to mention to the DJ that the song SOUNDS like it is going to end, but is not in fact over. So the night of my wedding, when the music paused, the DJ stopped the song and it was over. We never got to do our special twirl and dip.

From then on, Ed took it upon himself to remind us all here and there that, in his own words, "I was robbed." I am sure you can picture it, again, if you knew him. We laughed about that forever and still do. Secretly,

Posted by Andrea Ostermann - Bellflower, CA - Daughter   August 21, 2020

Whenever I would walk into the room the first thing he would say to me is "Who are you?". That would always make me laugh!

Posted by Sydney Ostermann - bellflower, CA - Grandchild   August 20, 2020


He would always tell me when I came in the house "Who are you." That always made me laugh!

Posted by Sydney Ostermann - bellflower, CA - Grandchild   August 20, 2020